photo by Po Lin

JEN TING (b.1992) Born and raised in Pingdong, Taiwan. Currently work and live in Edinburgh / London, UK.


Jen Ting is a self-taught Taiwanese artist based in Edinburgh / London. Her work reflects her fascination with the subconscious and the creatures that appear in her dreams. She uses her intuition to express her emotions, energy, and underlying thoughts, creating works that serve as a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious, inviting viewers to interpret them and reflect on their own psyche.

Jen dives into areas that cannot be sensed, discovering conversations with herself and others that go beyond the surface. Through her art, she creates a platform for self-exploration and inspires discussions about ourselves and the world around us. Her mediums include sketching, drawing, sculpting, installation, and tattooing.


Exhibition, Art Show (Painting & Installation) 

Live Painting @Tofu Collective, Copenhagen, Denmark, 16 March 2024
Spectrum @The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK, 21-30 April 2023
Outset @The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK, 24 Feb.-05 Mar. 2023
Spring Contemporary Art Salon- Art Collections Taipei @World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan, 24-28 April 2021 (
Taiwan Night Market @Do Your Own Thing Space, London, UK, 20-27 June 2019

Publication (Painting & Installation)

Art.Zip, Art review, UK, 18 Sep. 2023 ( )
Stuck Magazine, Art review, Germany, 15 Sep. 2023 (
What’s In The Pastry Bag , Hard copy Book, UK, 13 Sep. 2023 ( )
Tofu Collective, Art review, Denmark, 13 Sep. 2023 (
Addition Magazine, Issue 2, UK, 05 June 2023 ( / )
Aesthetica Magazine, Issue 113, UK, 1st June 2023



Event (Installation) 

Brain Deconstructed - Installation Create- ‘Over My Body’ Music Label Event @Live Warehouse, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 01 May 2021

Print (Painting & Illustration)

PEIPEI X JEN TING- Clothing Collaboration, Illustration Print, Taiwan, 2022
Yi-Yu Wu- Recital Invitation card- Illustration Print, Taiwan, 2020

Little Sparrow- New Year Card -Illustration Print, Taiwan, 2019
Save the Date- Invitation card- Illustration Print, Taiwan, 2018



Master of Arts, Screen Performance, University of Bedfordshire, 2018-2019

Bachelor of Arts, Theatre Art, Chinese Culture University, 2010-2014